Markets We Serve
Professional Gyms
With Star Trac and Nautilus being the brands of choice for Gold’s Gym world-wide, we have equipped almost all of their facilities in Egypt.
| Hotels
Business travelers often use the existence of a fitness center as one of the key variables for hotel selection. That’s why the major 5-star hotel chains in Egypt have equipped their gyms with our machines.
| Corporate
As a cost saving measure and a source of employee fringe benefits, corporations have been installing fitness centers within their offices and industrial parks.
| Medical
We offer intelligent, ergonomically designed products with amenities and conveniences that can assist with medical rehabilitation in the home or at a medical facility.
| Homes
With the traffic and pollution levels on the rise, city dwellers are increasingly inclined to work out from home, where a regular 30-minute cardio routine can have immense benefits. In addition, more and more people are equipping their seaside homes with fitness equipment to balance the sedentary vacation pace.
| Clubs
So many clubs are now vying for membership dollars, that the gym has become a valuable attraction point. Agatex has outfitted the gyms of Heliopolis and Gezira sporting clubs, as well as the facilities in Katameya Heights, Palm Hills, Sky, Smart Village and many others.
| Spas
Agatex provides a wide variety of saunas and steam-baths through its Finish line of Harvia products
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“I am writing this [testimonial] to recommend Agatex Company without reservation. We have had the pleasure to use their state of the art equipment for quite some time, but their after sale service is outstanding as well.

I would definitely consider dealing with Agatex in any future facilities that I manage.”

Ali Chedid
Recreation Manager, Intercontinental

About Us
For over 20 years now, Agatex has been serving the commercial fitness market in Egypt with its flagship Nautilus and Star Trac brands. If you’ve been inside the fitness facilities of the Fairmont, Intercontinental, Sonesta, Sheraton or scores of other hotels in Egypt, or if you trained in some of the top professional gyms, including Gold’s Gym, then you have likely seen and used our machines. If you ask any of the staff there, they will tell you that they are “impressed by the quality and the durability of the machines” and, just as important, they will tell you that they are impressed by the “excellent service” we offer. We have dozens of testimonials to uphold this statement.

Today Agatex launched, with Heart and Soul, a subdivision that caters to the home fitness and light commercial markets. Heart and Soul is the sole distributor of Tunturi - a world leader in the area of fitness trainers. Tunturi’s Finnish origin is expressed in that famous Scandinavian design created to logically and harmoniously blend into your home interior. Important factors such as low noise, mobility and superb ergonomics are translated into distinctive design. This is crucial to making home fitness training a part of your daily habit.

So now even with the heat, the pollution, the traffic and over-crowded gyms you have no excuse. You can still get in shape with Heart and Soul. Regular exercise should be a fundamental daily commitment because it ensures real benefits for your body and mind. A workout routine will not only make you look and feel good, it will boost the immune system, reduce body fat, lower high blood pressure, increase bone density and offer many other benefits.

With Tunturi, Star Trac, Nautilus , Bremshey and the other professional brands we offer, you now have the freedom to train in the privacy of your own home at any time of day or night.